Immersion Heater Element Replacement

We provide and install all heating elements for all sizes cylinders, commercial and domestic.

Noisy Pumps are an issues especially close to the bedroom. We can supply and fit all types of central heating water pumps.

Cold radiators at the bottom and hot at the top?
If the radiators in your house feel cold at the bottom and hot at the top it is the most likely indicator that your system has built up with sludge from corrosion of the inside of your radiators. This will mean you are wasting energy trying to heat them up and not to me mention the damage it could do to your boiler!
A service we provide to resolve this issue is power flushing. We put a chemical cleaner inside for 24hours then individually clean each radiator using a power flush machine.
After the power flush we highly recommend a magnetic inhibitor to protect your boiler  if you do not have one on a new install of a boiler some warren tees are void!!